Book Review – Glass Sword

*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! *** Book Title: Glass Sword Author: Victoria Aveyard Main Theme: Romance, Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopian Thesis: Narrowly escaping with her life, Mare is on the run. And she has a hard time knowing who is on her side and who isn't. Maven, now the king, and his evil mother, is hellbent... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Unfu*k Yourself

*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! *** Book Title: Unfu*k Yourself: Β Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life Author: Gary John Bishop Main Theme: Self Help This book review will contain affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase something from you, I will receive a small portion in return. It would mean a... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Stella By Starlight

*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! *** Book Title: Stella By Starlight Author: Sharon M. Draper Main Theme: Juvenile Fiction, Historical Fiction Thesis:Β Stella, a bright little girl who has a passion for the truth and writing, finds her small town in North Carolina in turmoil. She can't go to certain stores, has to go to school with... Continue Reading →

2 Week Vacation

It's here... The Coronavirus! Yep, just like the rest of the world, Idaho has a confirmed case of the coronavirus. πŸ˜… Because it happened in the same county that I work in, my library has closed until March 31st. So I get a paid vacation! Woot! Maybe I'll get some blogging done. πŸ˜„ Or reading,... Continue Reading →

Book Review- Winterwood

*** Possible Spoilers Ahead! *** Book Title: Winterwood Author: Shea Ernshaw Main Theme: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance Thesis:Β Nora Walker comes from a long line of witches, so the townspeople say. And perhaps they are right. Walkers came from the trees, surrounded by the Winterwood and its dark powers. Nora's grandmother had her own nightshade, and... Continue Reading →

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